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The Mission.

​​Ascending to the highest level of one's domain, especially as 'the first' or 'the only' can be a daunting and isolating affair.  

​Our mission is to improve the health, visibility, and prosperity of the talented tenth of women and non-binary leaders across the diaspora. We envision a society where socially constructed identities do not detract from one's ability to reach their full potential. We value sustainability, equity, and accountability in conscious leadership that reflects and respects the diversity of the planet.

The Leadership Team.

The Werk.

​🔏COMMUNITY & EVENTS - Our online community and events are designed for privacy, authenticity, safety, connection, collaboration, and respite for our members. 

​💰PROGRAMS - Our programs are data-optimized for increasing the throughput of sustainable social, cultural, and financial capital for our entire community.

​📣RESEARCH - The Role Models Project (launching Fall '24) will illuminate the historically unexamined skills, traits, and trajectories of native and diasporic women and non-binary leaders.

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