Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Organization

Why was Visible Figures started?

Visible Figures was founded by Stephanie Van Putten in 2017 to connect high-achieving, like-minded, founders, executives and investors in response to the inequities in venture capital, compensation, equity, fees, promotions, philanthropic grants, and enterprise contracts.

What is the primary purpose of Visible Figures now?

Our mission is to measurably advance the health, wellness, visibility, and prosperity of women executives at the highest levels of their industry or domain across the African diaspora. 

How does Visible Figures differ from Chief, YPO, Hampton, and other executive networks?

Visible Figures addresses the unique needs of an intersectional community of high-achieving women non-binary executives. We are a non-profit, so mission-aligned impact is just as important as scale. Trust is a key component of our success: our members and partners are vetted, programs are tactical, and our events are intimate and authentic very intentionally designed to center wellness, mindfulness, and self-awareness.  

Membership and Perks

What is the membership criteria?

We have two tiers of membership: (1) Associates and (2) Models.  We evaluate the full scope of each applicant's education, network, community service, and professional trajectory. There is a very short and painless application and review process.

What are the primary differences between Associate and Model Membership?

Associate Members will have access to the Visible Figures private listserv, content library, member directory, community circles, webinars, and perks. In addition to those benefits, Models will have complimentary VIP access to all events, mental health and wellness support, bespoke coaching, media branding, styling, promotion, warm intros, and 24x7 support.

How much does it cost? How can I justify the expense?

Annual membership fees vary by tier and financial need: Associate ($250 - $7,500/year). Financial aid is available. Membership dues cover staff, event expenses, operational expenses, and scholarships. Visible Figures is a registered 501(c)(3) professional association. We are happy to provide a letter for your employer and/or tax documentation.

How can I help?

So glad you asked! You can...
Programs and Events

What are Community Circles?

Community circles are smaller segments of the Visible Figures community created to foster more intimate engagement, fellowship, and accountability. These segments are based on geography, industry, or affinity.

Can there be a Visible Figures event in my hometown?

Yes! We encourage members to host local meetups (rules and conditions apply).

Is event attendance mandatory?

No! Nothing is mandatory. However strong attendance and engagement is incentivized.

What is the Capital Bridge Platform?

The Capital Bridge Platform is our proprietary relationship management system designed to equip our members with the coaching, promotion, and resources needed to convert the warm introductions to deals. 

What are the health and wellness benefits?

We are addressing the health and wellness disparities for high-achieving executives via therapist in residence, wellness retreats, monthly check-ins, and database or 'green book' of primary care physicians, dentists, OBGYNs, fertility specialists, psychotherapists, and more to connect our members with the  resources they need, how they need them, when they need them.