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Visible Figures serves the spoken and unspoken needs of our members through highly curated events, a private list serv, network access, talent matching, health & wellness perks, coaching, branding, and deal flow. 

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Our founder members have access to an exceptional private network of peers, investors, sponsors, and the talent needed to scale.


Our investor members gain close and early access to a diverse pipeline of exceptional, high growth companies and LPs.


Our executive members gain access to opportunities to advise, serve on boards, network, and angel invest in diverse, cutting edge companies.

Our Members

Visible Figures have graduated from the top schools, accelerators, and fellowships in the world. Many hold advanced degrees, awards, patents, and years of operating experience applied to solving the world's greatest social and environmental challenges. 

"Visible Figures is the super glue I didn’t know was missing until I had it.”

​ Courtney Caldwell, Shearshare Co-Founder & CEO